Tanya + Steve’s wedding

Posted by Carole in Wedding Flowers

Always smiling and so easy to please.  That’s how I would describe Tanya.

Steve and Tanya’s wedding  was filled to the brim with elegant yet creative touches that we know you are going love.


These gorgeous Coral Charm peonies were in season and perfectly timed for Tanya’s bouquet, so how could we not use them!

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I love birch because it reminds me of the north. It reminds me of quiet lakes, canoes, deep forests and cottage campfires.  And I love that this couple decided to use touches of birch throughout their decor.  These birch vases make for stunning centerpieces.

sudbury-wedding-photographer-ts-557 sudbury-wedding-photographer-ts-558 sudbury-wedding-photographer-ts-573 sudbury-wedding-photographer-ts-580 sudbury-wedding-photographer-ts-588

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Congratulations Tanya and Steve.  Thank you for letting us play a part in your very special day xx


Photography by:  Shauna Heron