Sympathy flowers

Posted by Carole in Sympathy Arrangements

At Flower Towne, we specialize in many different styles, for many different occasions, especially when it comes to our funeral work.

When it comes to sympathy arrangements, we’ve come to realize that people often want to find a way to match their florals to the personality or style of the one they have lost. Although there certainly was a time, not too long ago, when flowers had to be bland and neutral…nothing too colourful.  Almost as if they had to give a sombre impression to match the feelings of those in mourning. These days we often use brighter flowers, as if to celebrate the life of the one who has passed.  We often use items such as driftwood, moss, tree bark, fishing lures and even moose antlers to emblematize someone who was considered an outdoorsman. We equally use wildflowers, gardening tools, seed packets and watering cans to represent someone who was considered a gardener.   Now I’m not talking about flowers shaped like a teddy bear, a poodle or even a bingo card!  That’s just plain tacky.   Let us show you what we can do, the possibilities are really limitless.  Think about personalizing your arrangements the next time you need to order sympathy flowers, we’re here to help!

Here is just glimpse at some of our recent sympathy work. Check out our sympathy page for many more examples.

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