Something ‘eggciting’ is happening at Flower Towne

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Although it’s finally Spring, the weather certainly isn’t very Spring-like.  This week we’ve decided to focus on forcing bulbs.  We’re sure it will help kick-start this season!

This is a fun little project that you can easily do at home.  It’s a perfect centrepiece for your Easter dinner table.  Start with a six pack of eggs.  I prefer the brown ones, although I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it reminds me of when I used to collect them at my grandmother’s farm (feeling warm and fuzzy).

Carefully make a hole in the top of the egg, and start peeling the shells back until the hole is large enough that you can fit your bulb into your egg.  Pour out your egg and save it for tomorrow’s breakfast. Rinse your empty shell with water.




Fill each of your egg shells with a little bit if potting soil.


This time, I chose to use Muscari bulbs, since they’re smaller than tulip or hyacinth bulbs.  Other options would be Crocus bulbs, or mini-Daffodil bulbs.

image2 image3

Feel free to trim the long roots before putting your bulbs into your eggs.  Once your bulbs are inside your egg shells, top up your eggs with additional potting soil.

image4 image5

Add fresh moss, then spray your eggs with water, using a spray bottle.  This will not only provide your bulbs with water, but it will also help to clean the dirt off of your eggs.

Although they aren’t showing too much color just get, in a few days, these Muscari stems will be showing off their bright blue blooms, which will definitely help put a ‘Spring’ in your step!


I also potted a few Hyacinth blooms.  They smell amazing!

image8 image9 image7

And a little Crocus bulb too 🙂


At Flower Towne, we have everything you need to create your ‘egg’cellent bulb arrangements, except for your eggs of course, but you can find those right next door at Food Basics.  And if you don’t have any, they also sell the potting soil.

Have fun!