Kyra + Dave’s wedding

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Ok so this one should have been posted a long time ago.  But you know how it goes, one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know 6 months have passed.  Anyway, better late than never!

Kyra and Dave couldn’t have asked for a better day to exchange their vows in the backyard of Kyra’s family home. The fact that they reside on the lakefront was just an an added bonus. Most of the flowers in this wedding were farmed by yours truly (with a little help from my sweetheart).  All of our flowers are organic and grown with love.  We hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as we loved designing these beautiful flowers for this very special day.


sudbury florist kyra-dave-ss(721of1244) kyra-dave-ss(226of1244) kyra-dave-ss(1104of1244) kyra-dave-ss(238of1244) kyra-dave-ss(205of1244) kyra-dave-ss(864of1244) kyra-dave-ss(242of1244) kyra-dave-ss(663of1244) kyra-dave-ss(891of1244) kyra-dave-ss(892of1244) kyra-dave-ss(889of1244) kyra-dave-ss(863of1244) kyra-dave-ss(762of1244) kyra-dave-ss(744of1244) kyra-dave-ss(883of1244) kyra-dave-ss(221of1244) kyra-dave-ss(805of1244) kyra-dave-ss(862of1244) kyra-dave-ss(218of1244) kyra-dave-ss(882of1244) kyra-dave-ss(227of1244) kyra-dave-ss(945of1244) kyra-dave-ss(231of1244) kyra-dave-ss(760of1244) kyra-dave-ss(232of1244) kyra-dave-ss(727of1244) kyra-dave-ss(804of1244) kyra-dave-ss(886of1244) kyra-dave-ss(440of1244) kyra-dave-ss(220of1244) kyra-dave-ss(939of1244) kyra-dave-ss(887of1244) kyra-dave-ss(861of1244) kyra-dave-ss(860of1244) kyra-dave-ss(867of1244) kyra-dave-ss(236of1244) kyra-dave-ss(704of1244) kyra-dave-ss(225of1244)


Congratulations Kyra and Dave!  Thank you for letting us play a small part in your special day.



Photography by – Shauna Heron Photography