Emily + Ewan’s wedding

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I’ve designed hundreds and hundreds of bouquets, always making sure to make one different from the other.  This one was going to be different, very different.

Emily, so sweet and so beautiful,  wanted an herb bouquet for her special day.  Oh the possibilities!  The ideas were just flowing out of my head as I stood face to face with her, listening to her describe what she envisioned for her flowers.  I was already growing herbs in my greenhouse and after our meeting, I decided to grow a few more varieties that I thought would make  great additions to her bouquet.

Emily’s bouquet included dill, oregano, rosemary, lavender, thyme, borage, nigella, allium, garden roses, peonies, scabiosa and more.  To say that this bouquet was fragrant is definitely an understatement.

A little excerpt from Photographer Caroline Ross’s blog (http://www.carolinephotography.ca/emily-ewan-woodsy-sudbury-wedding-vale-cavern-science-north/) in regards to Emily’s bouquet.  From the Bride: “I was obsessed with my bouquet. I had discussed with the florist my interest in a traditional Victorian herb bouquet. What she had created was absolutely incredible and beyond expectation — it was so beautiful and smelled so fresh, like the scent of a dense wooded forest right after a summer rainfall. The mix of fresh garden roses, dill, rosemary and wildflowers was an aromatherapy, helping to calm my nerves.


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Emily also wanted a babies breath hair crown, which we made for her with the addition of oregano herbs to compliment her bouquet.


And lets not forget the gents!  Ewan wore a babies breath and oregano boutonniere to match Emily’s flowers.


Congratulations Emily and Ewan.  Thank you for letting us play a part in your very special day xx


Photography by: Caroline Ross